Collective live and online exhibitions

Selected Artist

My works were and are exhibited in various galleries and live or online collective exhibitions in Belgium, France, Italy, Poland, Ukraine, Japan, California, Canada, Chili Malaysia, India, Indonesia.

Previous exhibitions

  • Salon de l’Académie européenne des Arts – Ciney
  • Grand International Prize, vermeil medal (1992)
  • Honorary Gold Award (1995)
  • Salon de l’Aquarelle de Belgique – Namur (1993 – 1995 – 1997 – 2007)
  • Gallery Et pour l’Art – Lustin (1995)
  • Salon des Aquarellistes francophones de Belgique (2016 -2018 – 2020)
  • Special mention of the Jury with “Jazzy” (2018)
  • Audience Prize with “Out of the Blue” (2020)
  • International Watercolor Community Year Convention – Fabriano, Italy
    “Spicy” (2018) – Favelita (2019-2020)
  • Aquarelsalon AIB, Aarschot with « Indian Summer » (2019).
  • Salon International d’Aquarelle d’Uckange, France with « Happy Sunshine » et « Amber Queens » (2019)

Recent exhibitions

  • « Our Wonderful World » IWS Poland-Ukraine with « One World one Smile » (2020).
  • Aquareliège – Liège (2021)
  • IWS Belgium « The Magic of Watercolor » with « Fairy Forest Tale » (2021)
  • Global Art Connexion International Exhibition France-Poland, « A peaceful World », Albi (2022)
  • Fabriano in Acquarello International Exhibition, May 2022
  • 4rth International Watercolor Contest and Exhibition in Monza, Italy (May 2022).
  • International « Peace and Love » Online Exhibition, IWS Azerbaidjan (May 2022)
  • International Watercolor Exhibition, Japan (May 2022)
  • Spring TriAnnual Member’s Exhibition, San Diego Watercolor Society (May-June 2022)
  • Hagelands Aquarelsalon, Neerlinter, Belgium (June 2022)
  • II International Watercolor Festival – Casa de Cantabria Madrid, Spain (June 2022)
  • Third International Watercolor and Spirit Triennal – Boris Georgiev City Art Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria (July – August 2022).
  • Summer TriAnnual Members Exhibition San Diego Watercolor  Society (August 2022)
  • The Paints of Heart’s Flame, Ukraine  (August 2022)
  • With Watercolor in the Heart (August 2022)
  • IWS Indonesia Competition and Exhibition, Galeri Nasional, Jakarta (November-December 2022)

IWS INDONESIA Competition and Exhibition, Galeri Nasional, Jakarta


My painting, “Balinese prayer”, was selected into the IWS Indonesia competition and Exhibition at Galeri Nasional, Jakarta, Indonesia, from Nov 23- Dec. 20, 2022.

The theme “Wonderful Indonesia” shows the true beauty of the indonesian people, nature and culture.

Summer TriAnnual Members Exhibition 2022 


August 2022

Very honored that two of my works, “Where Love never ends” and «Taste of Summer » were selected into the Summer TriAnnual Member’s Exhibition of the San Diego Watercolor society (SDWS) in California. 


August 2022

My watercolor « We were so happy, now all the train’s crying » was selected into the project « The Paints of Heart’s Flame », the largest artistic charity project in the entire history of Ukraine, which united leading artists from 55 countries of the world in one catalog and in the corresponding exhibition, for the sole purpose of raising funds to support Ukraine.


August 2022

Happy that I could  participate in the action ”With Watercolor in the Heart”, organised by Julia Kochetova from the International Foundation contemporary Watercolor Art”, together with 229 other participants of 30 countries. The profit went  entirely in favour of the Ukrainian population.

IWS SPAIN, 2nd International Watercolor Festival, Madrid

June 2022

My « Heart of Gold » was exhibited at the IWS Spain 2nd International Festival in Madrid, Casa de Cantabria.


June 2022

My « Heart of Gold » was exhibited at the IWS Spain 2nd International Festival in Madrid, Casa de Cantabria.


San Diego Watercolor Society

May 2022

My « Heart of Gold » was exhibited at the IWS Spain 2nd International Festival in Madrid, Casa de Cantabria.

Spring Malaysia International Online Juried Art Competition

May 2022

My « Himalayan Blue » reached the top 80 paintings in the 2022 Spring Malaysia International Online Juried Art Competition, starting with 1252 paintings of 55 countries.

International Watercolor Exhibition, Japan

May 2022

News from Japan… My watercolor “Playful Interaction” was displayed in the International Watercolor Exhibition and broadcasted in the Museum of Niigiata from May 12 till 15th.

Thanks to the Japanese Watercolor Institute.
Thanks also to my granddaughter Clara, model for this achievement.

International “Love and peace” Online Exhibition, IWS Azerbaidjan

May 2022

Honored to be invited to the online “International LOVE AND PEACE online Exhibition”, organized at the initiative of IWS Azerbaidjan, for the benefit of the Ukrainian population.

Proud to represent Belgium, together with friend artist Ingrid Lefèvre.

Our Wonderful Wordl (IWS Poland and Ukraine)

I was invited, as one of the belgian artists, to the exceptional exhibition tour « Our Wonderful World » in UKRAINE (Kharkiv, Lviv and Chernivtsi) and in POLAND (Lublin) in 2021, with my selected painting “One world, one smile”.

This exhibition tour has become so meaningful for me … Only a few months later, the Ukrainian people were going to suffer unspeakable horrors, their country was going to be partly reduced to ashes, dotted with fallen brothers and sisters defending, at the cost of their lives, their homeland and their freedom. Poland would excel in welcoming so many Ukrainian refugees, having fled the hell of war, destruction and unspeakable cruelty.

All this is the proof that a situation of peace and beauty can change suddenly, not only for Ukraine but for all of us. Let’s hope and pray that, one day, Ukraine, his mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, children, can smile again …


My work «THROUGH THE LIGHT » was selected to be exhibited in the « ART CONNEXION France-POLAND » exhibition, in Albi, France, from 25th up to 29th  March 2022.
It received a Global Top 50 Recognition Award – Portraits and Figures.

Giving light to the World

As a member of IWS Canada, I had the opportunity to be selected in the 1st North American Online Contest « Giving light to the World », with « Sunshine  Girl ».

Nepal Truly Watercolor

Selection and participation to the Nepal Truly Watercolor Online Contest and Exhibition 2021.

Japan International Watercolor Exhibition

My watercolor « Out of the Blue » participated in 2021 to the Japan International Watercolor Exhibition.

Indonesia International Watercolor Online Contest

In 2021, participation to the Indonesia International Watercolor Online Contest. Selection with « Nonie »

Malaysian both Spring and Autumn

Participation to the Malaysian both Spring and Autumn International Online Juried Art Competitions, with respectivitely, in « Still Life and  Floral »  « Summer  Song », in « Figures and Faces » « Out of the Blue » and in « Animals » « Woodland lovers ».

Virtual exhibition japanese watercolorinstitute 2020

My work ‘Inner Voice’ was selected to participate in a virtual exhibition of the Japanese Watercolor institute in 2020. It was also displayed in the museum. Due to the covid situation, several exhibitions went virtual.

The Magic of Watercolor

In 2021 took place, in the wonderful city of Bruges, the 1st National IWS Watercolor Exhibition, where 80 belgian top watercolorists were invited to exhibit their work. Theme of the exhibition : The Magic of Watercolor.
I participated with « Fairy Forest Tale ».


In 2021, three of my works were selected to be part of the prestigious, first  AQUARELIEGE exhibition. This is an event that showcased 99 world-class watercolourists from 15 countries.

IWS California Online Juried Exhibition

In 2020, my work « Through the Light » was selected to be exhibited during the First IWS California Online Juried Exhibition « Brushstrokes of Harmony.»

International watercolor happening

Participation to the international watercolor happening that takes place every year in Fabriano, Italy. This time, my « Favelita » was selected.
During the pandemia, the selected artworks were exhibited online in 2020, in a live exhibition in 2021.

NatureArt India

In 2020, participation to the online exhibition of Nature Art India.

Aquarel Instituut Belgïe 

In 2019, my watercolor painting « Indian Summer » was selected to be exhibited in the bisannual Exhibition of the « Aquarel Instituut België ».

Fabriano in Acquarello 2018

Participation at the international watercolor happening that takes place every year in Fabriano, Italy. This year with ‘Spicy.

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